• Creating cutting edge space in social and environmental security
    • Socio economic study of freight corridor & high speed passenger railway
    • Social and environmental risk mitigation
    • Resettlement and rehabilitation plan
    • Bio-diversity, flora and fauna study
    • Compliance monitoring
Social and Environmental Security

Social and Environmental Security

Society that we live in is dynamic. Human aspiration to constantly bring in changes to our lives has been key to evolution of human society and the world in general. Development, as commonly understood in today’s parlance, has gathered much higher pace over the last couple of centuries and particularly so in last few decades. It is often argued, and justifiably so, that our quest for development should not come at the cost of long term sustainability of very environment or the society that we draw sustenance from. We, at Taru, strongly believe in this and our journey thus far has been in the same quest.

Leveraging from our rich and cross-cutting experience of last two decades, we have expanded our services in the area that seeks to engage with clients, helping them in decision making with respect to impact assessment of development projects, planning for risk and impact mitigation and management. These impacts can potentially be on local or the larger community, environment, or be on social and cultural capital.

In this respect, we provide services in Feasibility and Pre-feasibility study (Social and Environmental aspect), Social, Environmental, Health and Economic Impact assessments- Census Survey, Inventory of Loss Survey, IPP, Market Valuations, Bio-diversity, flora and fauna study, Air, water, Noise, Vibration Study, Applicable Policy and Principle Review (IFC performance standards, Equator principles, World Bank OP), Social and Environmental Risk Mitigation, Management and Action Plans, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Plan Preparation and Implementation Support, Community and Other Stakeholder Engagement support, Compliance Monitoring (ESMP, ESMF), Social/Labour & Supply Chain Audits, Post project Impact Assessments- socio-economic, environmental impacts and other related services.

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