• Binu Mathew
    Director & Practice Head - ST
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  • Harshvardhan Singh
    Practice Manager - ST
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  • Creating cutting edge space in social and environmental security
    • Socio economic study of freight corridor & high speed passenger railway
    • Social and environmental risk mitigation
    • Resettlement and rehabilitation plan
    • Bio-diversity, flora and fauna study
    • Compliance monitoring
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About Social and Environmental Security - Key Projects

Project Name: Exploratory study to asses existing conditions of Wet Markets in urban areas of Indore and Surat
Client: The Rockefeller Foundation

The aim of this exploratory study was to broadly understand the existing setting of the wet- market condition in the urban areas of Indore and Surat and provide recommendations/procedures for creating safe wet markets. The study explored the current administrative and implementation gaps, provision of infrastructure services and maintenance aspects.