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Peri-urban lake restoration, Indore

The video showcases the project of peri-urban lake restoration in Indore implemented by Taru under the ACCCRN programme. The project has been able to achieve such success due to the strategy of ensuring multiple stakeholders were engaged through the course of the project.

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Taru Disease Surveillance System

Taru under the ACCCRN Programme developed a near real time disease surveillance system to monitor and reduce the incidences of vector and water borne disease outbreaks in the city of Indore.

Path to Resilience - A Tale of Two Cities

ACCCRN partner Taru Leading Edge are developing actions at the city level build resilience to the effects of climate change in Surat and Indore, India.

Conjunctive Water Management in Indore

A Taru project on demonstrating viable community based models for cost effective and reliable decentralized urban water management.

Lakes of Indore

This cool roof technology was demonstrated under the Cool Roof and Passive Ventilation project, implemented by Taru Leading Edge. This project has been supported by The Rockefeller Foundation under the ACCCRN programme (Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network).

Hot Cities 23 - Shanghai 3 - Counting the Cost - BBC Environmental Documentary

"Counting the Cost" - With overflowing populations the worlds biggest cities are on the front-line of the relentless advance of climate change. How will the megacities cope? Shanghai, China's financial and commercial centre is right at the heart of the economic and consumer revolution. Hot Cities looks at how Shanghai -- a rich city in the world's quickest growing economy and driver of climate change -- can adapt to survive. Recorded from BBc on 05.12.2009.