• Binu Mathew
    Director & Practice Head - ST
    bmathew at taru dot org
  • Manu Prakash
    Director & Practice Head - PPS
    mprakash at taru dot co dot in
  • Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar
    Director & Practice Head - RnR
    mrajasekar at taru dot org
Practice and Sectors

Practices and Sectors

Taru Leading Edge primarily works in the three practices- Risk and Resilience(RnR), Policy and Public Service(PPS) and Social Transformation(ST). Our understanding of the country, state and sector strategic direction has enabled us in designing and managing diverse programmes and internally adopt a three practice model of sectoral bifurcation of work.

These practices include the sectors of Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change, Risk Advisory, Technology for Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Sustainability and Social Business, Health, Nutrition, Livelihood, Inclusion, Social and environmental security, Governance & Institutions, Education and Skill Development. The three practices provides TARU with the strategic edge of engaging with varied stakeholders and ensuring the impact of their work goes a considerable space in influencing the sectors work.