Need risk assessment and mitigation advice for your investment? Want to know how Climate Change can affect you and how to respond? Require evaluation on policy reforms, strategy building or support to institutions?...

more informationDisaster Risk Management, Climate Change and Governance
In last two decades we developed expertise in:
  • Development of Urban Climate Change Resilience Action Plan
  • Multi Hazard Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Flood Disaster Management System & Cyclone Risk Mitigation
  • Reviews of Government policies and Programs
  • Support to Multilateral and Bilateral Development Partners in shaping their Country, State and Sector Strategies.
  • Review of governance portfolios and design of evaluation systems
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more informationUrban Development and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Our work in urban development and WASH spread across:
  • Development of Urban Services Master Plans
  • Infrastructure Techniques, Design & Implementation
  • Assessments and planning for Energy and Power sector reforms
  • Support to Institutions on Rural & Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues
  • Assessments, Evaluations and Reviews of policies/programs on rural and urban WASH
  • Communications support such as designing IEC materials and developing training manuals for front line workers on WASH
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more informationSocial Development and Natural Resource Management
Our significant effort towards social development and NRM include:
  • Action research studies on social issues such as poverty & migration
  • Assessment and scoping studies on education and health
  • Management of social exclusion programs
  • Assessment studies on natural resources and their usage patterns
  • Technical & managerial support to the rural livelihoods projects including watershed management programs
  • Documentation support to livelihood and related projects
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