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About ‘The Habitat Design Studio’

About ‘The Habitat Design Studio’

Human habitat is not just a geographical space occupied by a set of humans in the context of urban/rural environment, characterized by government’s classification norms. At TARU, we believe it is an ongoing process of developing and maintaining a public space that is livable, lovable, sustainable, inclusive, and accessible; in other words, a human-scape that brings happiness, pride, opportunity and sense of responsibility to the people, systems and institutions using it.

With this foundation, TARU launched ‘The Habitat Design Studio’ to address issues and provide solutions using design thinking approach along with current design/planning/market tools especially in transforming urban, peri-urban and rural spaces towards smart, resilient and sustainable habitats. Established in September 2016, the Studio has conceptualized and developed proposals for sanitation knowledge centre and neighbourhood lake conservation & lake front development, to begin with.

Key areas of interventions of Studio will include providing innovative design and management solutions to eco-spaces, congested settlements, crowded markets; heritage sites, economics zones, institutional spaces, with options for making them design appropriate, viable for using and expanding opportunities, and ensuring sustainability.