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Disaster Risk and Resilience

Disaster Risk and Resilience

Over the last decade, extreme events like floods in Assam, Chennai, Kedarnath, Srinagar and Surat; cyclones Hud Hud and Phalin, heat waves in Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata have crippled economies, damaged infrastructure, led to loss of lives and livelihoods. These have raised debates on our planning, development paradigms and the exposure of vulnerable population to current risks. Intensification and magnification of events due to climate change are likely to amplify the impacts on human lives, agricultural productivity, and economy.

Taru is one of the pioneer organizations that explored disaster management scientifically, economically, and socially. Disaster-Climate Resilience is the core theme of Taru and has a rich experience in conducting transformative and impact-driven projects in India, South-east Asia, and South Asia. We have more than two decades of experience in different disaster and climate-related works such as hydro-metrological disasters (floods, cyclones, drought, heatwaves, lightning, and thunderstorm), geological disasters (earthquake, tsunami, and landslides), and multi-sector contexts. 

Taru has been working on cutting-edge technologies such as web-GIS, satellite images, big data analytics, low-cost sensor networks, GIS and Remote Sensing, etc. At the same time, we are enriched with the holistic approach of disaster management and climate resilience in nature-based solutions (NBS), socio-economic context, capacity development, and gender perspectives. Taru has a wide performance range in different themes of disaster management like hazard modelling, vulnerability assessment, early warning system, real-time disaster monitoring, post-disaster need assessment, disaster risk reduction measures, etc. 

We are a leading firm in undertaking Muti-Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and preparation of Composite Risk Atlas in South Asia. The Gujarat Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Atlas and Multi- Hazard Risk Assessment in Myanmar are internationally recognized peer reviewed publication and GIS assisted planning framework developed by Taru.

Taru joins hands with different stakeholders like government departments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, donors, and private sectors to provide disaster management, climate resilience, and sustainability solutions.

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