Practice of Risk and Resilience (RnR)

About Practice of Risk and Resilience (RnR)

TARU through this practice has established itself as a leading firm in understanding multi-hazard risks through analysis, mapping, preparing plans and policies for risk reduction. Innovations in this practice include preparation of composite risk atlas, evaluation frameworks for loss and damage, monitoring hydro-met risks, building vulnerability assessments, 3D terrain modeling, origin & destination solutions, solutions for urban services monitoring, design of disease surveillance systems and implementation of early warning system for urban floods. Climate change has emerged has a vast area of learning and practicing innovation. TARU developed the first district level climate variability and climate change analysis with multi-sector perspective. We were also the pioneers in the initiating urban climate change and resilience debate in India. The practice has demonstrated this through projects for example on decentralized urban water management systems, urban lake rejuvenation techniques and cool roofing technologies for buildings.

While the practice of Risk and Resilience is geared towards provides solutions for hazard risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, disaster loss and damage assessment, planning for risk reduction and post disaster need assessment, adaptive solutions, climate change advisories, the practice offers comprehensive response by organizing its initiatives through strategic sector interventions that include:

Our work prioritizes the poor and most vulnerable population and helps identify options for including them within the risk and resilience framework. Our studies on the areas of disaster risk assessment, management and resilience have been extensively refereed and used by the Government, International Aid agencies and other stakeholders to identify areas for interventions, fund allocation for risk informed development and deciding relief packages post major disaster events.

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