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Circular and Social economy

Circular and Social economy

Taru promotes Circular and Social economy as an effective optimization of resources and inclusion in such a way that value is created through extending product lifespan and relocating the waste from the end of the supply chain to the beginning while protecting employment and enviornment. Taru has already been working in the Circular Economy space focusing on Waste Management, Silt Management, Water Recycling, Supply Chain, Product Sustainability, and so on. Within Social Economy space, its focus has been on promoting Blue Economy, Creative and Gig Economy, Water & Sanitation Economy, Transit-oriented Urban Economy, Care Economy, Sharing Economy, and others with objectives to promote jobs, sustainable products, and services; and shared valued for all. 

Taru’s projects have already addressed various building blocks of these sectoral areas. We have done extensive work in developing strategy and roadmaps; Documentation of Case Studies, Best Practices; Policy Analysis; Business Planning, Value Chain Analysis; Market Assessments, and Scoping/Landscaping/Ecosystem mapping. In recent times, we have also worked on promoting effective solid and Covid waste management through financial frameworks. 

Taru has also contributed to various projects and policy recommendations by undertaking innovative projects such as Baseline/Midline/Impact assessments on solid waste and Covid waste in multiple Indian states; Assessment and development of the operative framework and sustainable alternatives for Sanitary Waste in India; Sectoral and City business planning for public sanitation for Vishakhapatnam; Development of sustainable Improved Sanitation Model for Urban Slums; Developing a Solid and Liquid Waste Management Model for Rural Sanitation in Rajasthan amongst others. 

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