Practice of Economy and Business

Practice of Economy and Buisness 

Sustainable, climate-sensitive, and inclusive economy and businesses are pre-requisite for societal development and growth. The disruption in this continuum impacts the low- and middle-income economies significantly, especially poor and marginal communities who face issues of job losses, poor health, education, and compromised financial security. Taru’s Practice of Economy and Business is positioned to strengthen this continuum of sustainable, climate-sensitive, and inclusive economy and business. This involves assisting governments and businesses in improving the economy, assisting communities in adapting new skills and developing entrepreneurship, and supporting financing and market linkages with improved research, insights, strategies, and partnership.

Taru’s Practice of Economy and Business works in the following thematic areas: 

The above services are evolved to provide suitable interventions in decentralization of fiscal benefits, developing climate-adaptive economy for poor and vulnerable communities, introducing cost-effective, resilient and sustainable business models for youth, women and communities, assist governments in distributing financial resources for the benefits of poor and vulnerable communities through direct fiscal benefit transfer, private sector participation in urban and rural services, identify markets for micro, small and medium businesses, developing financial instruments for addressing climate change impact, and social business development.

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