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Social Business Innovation, Sustainability, and Resilience

Social Business Innovation, Sustainability, and Resilience

Taru has been actively promoting innovation, sustainability, and resilience in the Social Business space. The organization has specially engaged in the start-ups' ecosystems, focusing on enterprises and micro-enterprises to support them in solving social causes at scale. Taru’s uniqueness has focused on innovation, developing new insights, new models/prototypes, and partnerships. 

In this space, Taru has provided technical and financial assistance (through donor-driven initiatives), assisted and supported business plans development, and developed sustainable business and economic models while focusing on sustainable revenue generation models. Taru has also emphasized extensive Capacity-building initiatives for entrepreneurs, individual innovators, organizations, NGOs, and social enterprises and supported market assessments, including supply/demand and value chain analysis. The organization has also undertaken third-party due diligence and risk analysis. It has also extensively organized and managed Design Hackathons, Idea clinics, Accelerators, Grand Challenges etc. We have helped organizations, companies, and the ecosystem with our cutting-edge research and analysis, insights, prototype development, and knowledge-sharing platforms. 

Some of our critical works in this sector are Scoping approaches to onboarding women collective enterprise to e-commerce; Handholding of Urban Design Competition at Coimbatore – Tamil Nadu; Study on Supply Chain of Mica in Bihar and Jharkhand; Market Scanning Assessment of Healthcare and Digital Technologies Sectors in Pune; Design Hackathon for Students and Youth in Odisha; Preparation of an Investment model and Business plan for Silt Management in Bihar; Market Assessment for Development of Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation enterprises in Bihar; Sectoral and City business planning for public and community toilets for Vishakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Market Research Study for the septic aggregator application in the cities of Pune and Goa; Curation and Management of Rethink HIV Grand Challenge in HIV Sector; Pan India Sanitation Innovation Accelerator (SIA 2016); Conducting Rural Agricultural Market Studies; Study on the Dynamics and Structure of Private Health Care Provision in Madhya Pradesh; Evaluation of Rural Sanitary Marts (RSMs) and Production Centers (PCs) and Study of Cotton Textile Supply Chain amongst others. 

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