• Scaling up
    • Inclusive Connectivity
    • Investment for Sustainability
    • Quality and Safety of Infrastructure   
    • Climate and Disaster friendly Solutions
    • Citizen-centric Policy
    • Social and Environment Safeguards
Connectivity and Sustainable Mobility

Connectivity and Sustainable Mobility

With increased impetus on connectivity and sustainability mobility, Taru majorly focuses on multimodal transport systems, public transport (BRT, Metro, Monorail, MRTS), non-motorized transport (walking, cycling), renewable energy or zero emission-based transport services, less congestion, and faster transport system including on ITS, e-mobility, hybrid vehicles. 

Taru’s efforts have mainly been in the environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable transport systems by preparing safeguard policies for bullet train projects, airports, and roads. Mainstreaming disaster and climate resilience in connectivity and mobility planning has been our core strength. 

Moreover, with the increasing demand for transport services, vehicles are also multiplying. Some of the negative impacts of transport systems are air pollution, noise pollution, greenhouse gas emission, and habitat fragmentation which has been our focus areas to work with various stakeholders.  

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