Practice of Policy and Public Services (PPS)

About Practice of Policy and Public Services (PPS)

TARU places high importance to the role of policy and public services in the development process in its pursuit of improved benefits for people and society. Within emerging space for innovative and impact interventions, it strategically supports evidence-based policy to make well-informed decisions about policies, programmes and projects, by placing the best available evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation.

While public services has a focus on improving the quality of life of urban and rural people with transformative and inclusive solutions. The Practice of Policy and Public Services offers comprehensive response to above by organizing its initiatives through five strategic sector innervations that includes-

These sectors have organically evolved to provide ranges of knowledge and operational services to its various stakeholders especially in addressing strategic planning, improved evidence base, operational effectiveness and efficiency and monitoring.

And this has helped our clients and stakeholders solve their most complex problems within challenging settings and situations marked by our ability to bring new ideas, technology, approaches and business skills in creating a base for problem-solution.

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