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Gender and Inclusion

Gender and Inclusion

To promote sustainable and inclusive growth and development, it is essential that there is equitable access to resources and opportunities, irrespective of gender, caste, race and class. However, this is not the reality. Women and poor's participation in the workforce has been significantly poor due to various reasons such as socio-economic norms, illiteracy, unavailability of adequate financial resources, poor market linkages, and lack of support. We strongly believe that gender and inclusion are pivotal for sustainable and inclusive economic growth and have been working in this field for over two decades. 

Our key activities for gender and inclusion include needs and impact assessment for women empowerment programs; vulnerability assessments; program evaluation; initiatives for women's financial inclusion, promoting business opportunities for self-help groups and women's groups; and designing frameworks for improving participation.

Taru has worked closely with various women farmers, entrepreneurs, artisan, and small business owners to help them improve their productivity; streamline their processes, and provide access to financial services, business support and guidance, and market linkages. The key learnings and the insights developed through this work have significantly contributed to conceptualizing and developing several programmes, and formulating the way forward for the interventions. This has strengthened our understanding of the key issues and allowed us to develop an innovative approach through a women-centric lens. To undertake this work, we have partnered with leading bilateral and multi-lateral funding agencies, not-for-profit organizations, government organizations, and corporates. 

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