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Health, Wellness and Nutrition - Key Projects

Project Name: Understanding Climate Change and Health Associations in India (UCHAI) Training Workshop
Client: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), USA.

The three-day workshop on ‘Understanding Climate Change and Health Associations in India’ (UCHAI) was held in New-Delhi, India. The initiative was supported by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), USA. The workshop was attended by experts, policy-makers, academicians, researchers, practitioners and students from renowned institutions across the country. The overall goal of the training workshop was to build capacity of early and mid-career academicians, researchers, practitioners and students towards climate-proofing of the human health sector in the country. The focus of the capacity building workshop was on three core frameworks in dealing with Climate and Health issues, that is, vulnerability, adaptation and co-benefits. The workshop also covered other essential aspects such as policy research, skill building and networking. The project continues as a vibrant community of practice connected through social media, webinars, conferences and collaborative endeavors.

Project Name: Study on Dynamics and Structure of Private Health Care in Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Client: DFID India on behalf of the Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Community Health, Government of Madhya Pradesh

The assignment drew on a large scale assessment of the public and private healthcare system in the State which delineated potential roles for the private and public sectors in meeting the goal of improved access to affordable, quality healthcare and identified opportunities and constraints for public-private partnership in achieving the same.

Project Name: Study on Immunization Systems and Hepatitis B in Andhra Pradesh (AP)
Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The study forms the basis for an integrated immunisation project to be implemented in partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP).

Project Name: Sustainable Use of Environment Health Indicators in Lucknow
Client: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Taru was involved innovative participatory research to collect information on environmental indicators for water supply, sewerage and sanitation, surface water drainage and solid waste disposal from communities and planners and operations staff of service providing agencies. A negotiation process to arrive at a consensus on indicators, followed.

Project Name: Integrating Environment and Vulnerability to Climate Change into Local Planning - West Bengal
Client: DFID India

The range of Gram Panchayat (GP) functions make them potentially very important institutions for addressing a wide range of environmental issues including natural resource management, water conservation, environmental health and natural disasters. In terms of climate change, impacts will often be highly localised and responses will need to be locally specific; GPs in theory should have a key role to play in supporting the identification and implementation of appropriate adaptation strategies, as well as in monitoring indicators of climatic stress and disseminating relevant information to communities. Taking on these roles will require considerable awareness raising and capacity building of GPs. This assignment attempts in addressing some of the challenges mentioned above and integrate them into GP planning along with developing capacity building and training programme for PRI bodies.

Project Name: HIV/ AIDS Budget Tracking Study in Andhra Pradesh (AP), Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (TN)
Client: Action Aid

The assignment analyzed the magnitude, sources, flow and utilization of funds for HIV/AIDS interventions in the States and provided policy-related input based on the same.

Project Name: Establishment of an integrated Vector and Water-borne Disease Surveillance and Response Systems
Client: The Rockefeller Foundation

As part of the ACCCRN resilience intervention projects, Taru is undertaking a study as well as establishing an integrated vector and water borne disease surveillance and response system in the city/district of Indore. The system is built on experiences drawn from UrSMS (Health component) in the city of Surat. The study involves, analysis of existing disease surveillance system, identifying the requirements for an improved system, assessing the IT infrastructure of the city of Indore, need assessment, developing training manuals and material, conducting trainings, multi stakeholder engagement and consultations, identifying and initiating ways and means of Government and Non Government coordination, sharing response mechanisms, launching public health awareness campaigns, developing partnerships at regional, state and national level, and initiating discussion forums including medical and research institutes.

Project Name: Production Options for Nutritional Security in India
Client: CARE India

The project aimed at identifying key food production interventions to enhance food security and nutritional quality among the poor. A review of donor priorities and their key strategic thrust areas was undertaken and potential institutional mechanisms for achieving these objectives, identified, along with themes for participatory studies to understand local resource situations.

Project Name: Establishment of Urban Health and Climate Resilience Centre
Client: The Rockefeller Foundation

The project aims to establish a climate and health centre of excellence in city of Surat to develop and share an evidence base of practice regarding the delivery of effective health services that build resilience to climate related impacts on health for urban poor communities.