• Protecting Environment
    • Lake Conservation
    • City Heatwave Management
    • Air Quality
    • Water Resource Management
    • Waste Management
    • Urban Forestay
Environment and Biodiversity

Environment and Biodiversity

Earth is the place for biodiversity with numerous known and unknown creatures in different environments and ecosystems. Taru works on anthropogenic activities, climate change, and disasters that impact the ecosystem and environment and its cascading impacts that threaten biodiversity.

Not only from the impact point of view, but Taru also demonstrated opportunities in environmental management that provide considerable benefits to the local communities, such as disaster risk reduction, livelihood, and sustainable resources. Our work in Indore Peri-urban lake restoration successfully demonstrates environmental management undertaken by the local communities and governments. Now the restored lake created a wetland ecosystem with rich biodiversity. We have worked throughout the Indian coastal ecosystem, forest-dryland ecosystem, and agro-ecosystem for various sectors such as sustainable development, environmental impacts, natural resource management, ecosystem-based adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. In addition, Taru has also worked on air pollution, water pollution, heatwave, and other related issues and contributed to the environment sector significantly through its policy and solution inputs.  

Taru works on environment and ecosystem management, wetlands, coastal zone management, and agro-ecosystem management with cutting-edge technologies that provide end-to-end solutions for different environment. Taru works with experts and local communities for improved partnership and sustainable management of the restored environment. Additionally, Taru undertakes impact assessment, spatial studies, species-specific studies, policy development, awareness programmes, and biodiversity surveys.

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